The Board of Directors, comprised of leading COPD experts, is GOLD’s main governing body. It encourages dissemination and adoption of the reports on COPD management through utilization of existing health care structures in individual countries and promotes international collaboration on COPD research.

The Science Committee evaluates new scientific evidence about COPD care, and prepares updates to scientific reports on COPD diagnosis, management, and prevention.

The Dissemination Committee has the responsibility of enhancing dissemination of the content of COPD management and prevention reports and ensuring that all those concerned with the care of those with COPD are knowledgeable about the recommendations.

The GOLD National Leaders are individuals from around the world with an interest in promoting the goals of GOLD within their home country. The group meets periodically to share information about programs of health education, COPD management, and prevention.

The Workshop Panel, a group of international COPD experts, wrote the initial version of the GOLD guidelines in 2001.