Disclosure Statements

GOLD Committee members disclose relationships (personal benefits, shares, and non-personal interests) with profit-making organizations in December of each year using the following definitions:

  • Personal Benefits (Consultancy-Lecture Fees) refers to fees for lectures, advisory committees or consultancy services either intermittent or regular, from which a GOLD member benefits personally. This includes ongoing attendance at advisory board meetings but would not normally include a situation where an individual is paid for a specific item or for attending or speaking at an occasional meeting.
  • Shares refers to any shares in the pharmaceutical industry, excluding unit trusts, pension plans or mutual funds, and it refers to shares held by a GOLD member or family members (spouse/children). The company is to be listed, not the number of shares.
  • Non-Personal Interests refers to fees or grants paid to a GOLD Committee member (or the Department/Institution on behalf of a GOLD member) and used for research, education, equipment, salaries, etc

For each category, items are included in one of two categories: (1) payment or service is valued in excess of $1,000 (US) but less than $10,000, and (2) payment or service is valued in excess of $10,000. This information disclosed by each member of the GOLD Committees each year is presented in an effort to be as transparent as possible.

Science Committee Disclosure Statement (January 2015) (PDF)

Board of Directors Disclosure Statement (January 2015) (PDF)

GOLD Report Reviewers Disclosure Statement (November 2011) (PDF)